The Rise of Robotics & Automation in the Supply Chain

January 19, 2017 | 8:00 am – 11:30 am | MEV Innovation Centre | 555 Industrial Drive Milton, Ontario, L9T 5E1

Robotics & Automation in Logistics:
An Emerging Technology Trend

One of the biggest challenges facing the logistics industry today is labor availability. It’s not easy for companies around the world to find enough high-quality employees to move goods from suppliers to customers.
Two competing factors are making this especially difficult: The first is an increasing need for more logistics workers and this is being driven by the e-commerce revolution and its need for more parcel shipments; the second is a decline in the size of the available workforce. Up until now, robotics technology has not made a large impact in the world of logistics.
Learn about how this is changing as advanced robots enter our warehouses, sorting centers, and even help with final-mile delivery. Logistics workers will benefit from collaborating with robots, while customers will see faster service and higher quality.
Dr. Farzad Rayegani, P.Eng., FEC
Director, Sheridan College Centre for Advanced Manufacturing & Design Technologies

Dr. Farzad Rayegani is credited with developing an applied research program involving students, graduates and faculty mentors to address technological and educational need of Halton and Peel regions. Over the past 15 years, he has been simultaneously partnering with SME enterprises on product and process innovation projects while developing an applied research program involving students, graduates and faculty mentors to address issues of product development / refinement, process automation, systems integration and manufacturing management.  See full biography here

Amazon’s Fulfillment Network -
Lessons From A Leader 

Amazon continuously leads the world in distribution / fulfilment for the new world of 24/7 e-commerce.  Learn about upcoming changes to Amazon’s overall fulfillment network, fulfillment centres, and important practices / lessons they apply that could help Canadian companies.
Zee Hamid
Software Development Manager, Amazon Canada

A veteran in the software industry, Zee Hamid works for Amazon as a Software Development Manager leading the Amazon Flex Work Tracking space. He previously spent his Amazon career in Fulfillment Technologies where he was responsible for core Fulfillment services, machine learning improvements to the inbound process and stowing tools. Zee Hamid also holds an elected office as the Town Councillor in the Town of Milton.

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